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Post Office in Nashua, NH (1)


When are mailman goes on vacation were screwed we get other people's mail like now haven't received our weekly flyers yo shaws , market basket Hanafords . When will we get are mail this is do stupied thank you usps useless.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (2)

Brittany Hayden

Hi! I just want to say that Wendy at the Nashua NH post office has been an incredible help in retrieving my package. I was scammed by someone for an item on eBay, that was $2300. I found out after I shipped the item it was a scam - so I did research to try and intercept the package before it got to a facility that ships items internationally and would be gone forever. A way bigger scandal than I would’ve ever imagined. After the “intercept server” online being down for the night, I was able to finally get the confirmation that it would be intercepted. I was advised to contact someone @ the Nashua post office to ensure it would be. I called and Wendy, my intercept Angel, was nothing but professional, helpful and understanding of my situation. Thank you Wendy! Give that woman a raise!!! Best, Brittany


Post Office in Nashua, NH (3)

Susan Angel

I want to commend Matt McManus at the Nashua Post Office. When tracking my package I realized that it had the wrong address. I called and spoke to Matt. He was able to track down my package and forward it to me. I’m so glad you have such dedicated people working for you. He made my day, I’m sure that without his help I would not have gotten my package!


Post Office in Nashua, NH (4)



Every time I send mail out for charity, they never receive it! Something is going horribly wrong at the Nashua Post Office, I am betting Mail Persons are disposing of mail something is a wry....


Post Office in Nashua, NH (5)

Tara Hendrix

Pray your package does not get sent through this post office!! This is the 2nd time this has happened where I'm waiting for something important under a time limit time limit and what's the it was supposed to be delivered yesterday and instead instead stuck at this Post Office for days now not doing anything.



Post Office in Nashua, NH (6)

Cynthia F

I went to the Nashua post office to renew my passportand the gal Amy behind the counter was wonderful !! It was absolutely painless.. and she made my day Thanks again for being so patient I know it can't be easy sometimes..


Post Office in Nashua, NH (7)


I got notified today that a package was delivered and yet it is nowhere to be found - how do I deal with this? No notices that they even tried to deliver it, just no package.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (8)

Isabel Blume

I got my passport from here, does anyone know where they get issued?


Post Office in Nashua, NH (9)


They're issued through the US State Department and sent via the United States Postal Service. Usual wait time is 6 to 8 weeks.

• Replied to Isabel Blume

Post Office in Nashua, NH (10)

One rude lady

Does anyone know how to file a complaint against a worker. The lady working behind the passport desk was extremely rude and unprofessional today. I am an Emergency Room nurse and I have never treated someone the way this women treated my family today.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (11)

Jonathan Ritz

Post offices are full of thieves. For days now since arriving at this post office my package says “in transit arriving late” I truly think a lawsuit against the post office will make them fire their piece of trash employees and get people who actually do their job correctly. The government can’t allow them to constantly lose people’s packages. I won’t stand for it. Get your crap together, hire new employees or something.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (12)

Cindy Jackson


Today is Wednesday April 28 I called to see how I go about getting another passport I called on the phone I got a lady on the phone I asked her how she was doing the impolite she had like an attitude how can I help you but very rude so I said OK and I asked her how to go about of getting my passport so I said what do I do to renew my passport because my name changed address changed and I just need to renew it I was not sure figuring this lady would help because that’s her job right anyway she said that they don’t do anything for you you have to go online and do it yourself OK can you direct me to where I need to be online to do this so she tells me again with an attitude listen I will not go to the post office and I will let everybody know how ignorant people are in there if you were on phones you should be a little more considerate and helpful that is your job if I’m bothering you go find another job don’t take it out on me because I have an a miserable day very ignorant


Post Office in Nashua, NH (13)


Wtf I dropped 2 package here one got scanned and delivered the other just gone ?



Post Office in Nashua, NH (14)


These c0(ksuckers can’t even process a package that’s been there for a week. Morons.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (15)

this place is shady


my package was opened and tampered with by this location. please investigate what is happening here! Shady is right!


Post Office in Nashua, NH (16)

Boni Penn

9505512156011089280473Package has been in transit for 1 1/2 days. I would like to know where is my package and when will it be delivered?


Post Office in Nashua, NH (17)

Pensacola florida

I have an expensive item that doesnt show it hasnt departed this postal office since the 16th!! Case has been opened for over 3 days with no response. Based off the reviews, its clear there is an issue here!! Shady??


Post Office in Nashua, NH (18)

krystal blansett

what is the problem? I have a package that has been sitting at nashau since feb 21, where is may package?


Post Office in Nashua, NH (19)

Kathy Fong

Please PO employees kn Nashau NH , All of my holiday gifts are in one box.. mailed from PHILLY to DC 12/14. ! Why oh why are they in New Hampshire now.. with a 'out for delivery' since 12/23 ...... ? How can they be? I'm in DC... Please update your tracking.. and think about those fellow citizens who have always appreciated the USPS. Two of my family members were postal carriers. We know this is a challenging time....


Post Office in Nashua, NH (20)

Marilyn Tate


I mailed a package from Florida on 12/17 to Merrimack Fl. Paid for priority and it has been in Nashua since 12/22 @12:33 am . Still not delivered. Just keeps saying in transit. What is the problem?


Post Office in Nashua, NH (21)

Chantel Jennings


I mailed out a few things this past Monday early morning and they still have not been delivered. Ive been trying to get a hold of someone and I'm not able to. I understand your understaffed but nothing has ever taken over a week to receive to the receiver.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (22)

Why are my packages still in Nashua

(Video) Holiday Postal Service Nashua


I mailed 2 boxes from Auburn, NH,last Tuesday, I assumed it would get there before Christmas, they only have to go to Derry, one town over from Auburn, please tell me why it’s not moving out of the Nashua post office?? I realize that you’re short of help, but really???? This is ridiculous !!!!


Post Office in Nashua, NH (23)

Kimberly Blackwelder

I placed an order on 12/4 which was was due to arrive in Landenberg, PA on 12/8. Then the tracking was updated to arrive on the 11th. It never arrived on the 11th or on the 12th, which was my son's birthday. It still has yet to move from Nashua, NH and has been there for more than 11 days now, supposedly still in transit, but the tracking hasn't updated in as many days either. No matter what the circumstances or situation with Covid, this is completely unacceptable. The USPS ruined my son's birthday and now I fear it will also ruin Christmas for him because his other gifts go with the item that is missing in Nashua. I can't even get a straight answer from anyone.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (24)



Package has been at the same facility for 9 days no shipping updates. Package is now 3 days past delivery date. This facility is merely 2 hours from my house. This is unacceptable regardless of the circumstances.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (25)


Did you Ever receive your package? According to the date on this post, this was a long time ago. However I have the exact same problem that you have…… And I’m at a loss as to know what to do about it. Just curious to know if your mail was ever delivered to you and how long after you posted this on this message board. Thanks for your help

• Replied to Rwoo

Post Office in Nashua, NH (26)

Why is the mail to Canada so S-L-O-W? Mailed letter to Vancouver , B.C., Canada two weeks ago. Still not received. Have gotten mail from Australia in seven days.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (27)


Beware of a couple of these jerks, called employees, at the Nashua PO, one named Nora or Noreen. Called a customer “stupid.”


Post Office in Nashua, NH (28)


Can't understand why my package was held the Nashua, NH POfor 4 days. Re tracking # 9305520111403811810197


Post Office in Nashua, NH (29)

Package was held the Nashua, NH PO

Mine has not been updated out of Nashua, NH PO for 7 days. The new postmaster general sidelined two dozen USPS officials. Must have been at Nashua, NH.

• Replied to NHhick

Post Office in Nashua, NH (30)



I received a hold mail card from my carrier, who even completed the address on the card. I completed it, and dropped it in the outgoing mail slot as directed. Was gone for three weeks (Dec 15-Jan6) and met my carrier upon return on Jan 6 to receive the held mail. To my surprise, he said he never received the hold notice and after knocking on my door and getting no response, he returned all mail as unclaimed. Said there must have been a substitute carrier. I have no idea what was returned and am not trying to catch up on unpaid bills, contacting mail order pharmacy to re-acquire returned prescriptions, etc. Have no idea what else might be missing. Tried to contact supervisor, but no one will answer the phone at the Nashua office. Horrible service.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (31)



When the PO is good, they are outstanding, like my PO carrier, "R". He always brings my packages to the door and rings my doorbell, then greats me with a wide toothy smile and treats me like a king. He is the model for all PO carriers throughout the country, as far as I'm concerned... but when the PO is bad, they are really over the top atrocious, like when "R" is away. One guy literally THROWS my packages across the step and driveway, another guy gave me an attitude when I handed him a small package that wouldn't fit into my rural mailbox - don't these guys deliver AND PICKUP? Another guy pretended not to hear me when I called after him to take another small package (he was 10 feet away) and when I asked (very nicely) to take my package, he grabbed it out of my hand without saying a word and drove off in a huff, and this is a guy who DRIVES around in mail truck - he doesn't even need to walk house to house lugging a heavy mailbag - like it would kill him to take on another package... into his TRUCK... without even having to get of our his TRUCK... Then there's this woman at one of the offices - rude as H and unfriendly. Does the PO even care who they hire? No wonder their competition is taking away all their business... Too bad they can't learn from my regular PO guy, "R". He's a real pro among a gang of miserable, angry amateurs. Once when I walked out to hand him a package to take for me, he actually told me, "You don't need to bring them out to me, just leave a note in your mailbox to come to your door and I'll be glad to pick them up."


Post Office in Nashua, NH (32)


RUDE! Yesterday, the woman (with the grey spiky hair) working at the counter actually called a customer "stupid" after having to repeat an answer a couple of times (at what she thought was a low volume). After I called her out on it the customer asked "did she call me stupid?" and the woman at the counter said, "no she's just mouthing off" (referring to me). Clearly she goes into attack mode when she is caught, now not only being rude to the first customer but to me as well.This is completely inappropriate. When you work with the public, you must at the very least treat people with respect. It would be great if you could actually be nice - but not being rude and ignorant should at least be the bottom end of acceptability.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (33)


Yes - I've noticed over the last couple of years. especially, that when the PO folks are good, they are outstanding, but when they are bad, they are straight out atrocious - and this is a CUSTOMER SERVICE business. Hope you don't get the mail delivery guy who runs up to your door and literally THROWS your packages onto the porch - even the btight red "Fragile" stikers are ignored. Now THAT's "STUPID"....

• Replied to Sherall

Post Office in Nashua, NH (34)


Package left Boston 9/22 en route to Texas with 2 day priority mail. It is the 27th and not received. Tracking shows sitting in Nashua PO since 9/22 with no updates. Called 800 number and after holding 20 minutes was disconnected. Sorry, inexcusable service. With a starting salary of $51K this is unacceptable performance. Pony Express would be an improvement.


Post Office in Nashua, NH (35)

notbuying 911

My letter, according to tracking, left Nashua on the 8th, it's the 16th today...over a week in transit to Alabama?...


Post Office in Nashua, NH (36)



• Replied to notbuying 911

Post Office in Nashua, NH (37)

notbuying 911


no updates...

• Replied to notbuying 911

Post Office in Nashua, NH (38)

d h fowler


My curiosity is aroused,Several occasions, on Friday, we do not rcv any mail delivery.The same is true of everyone on our street. The Post Office always tells us that all their mail carriers are in by 5 PM. Again, it is now


Post Office in Nashua, NH (39)

Carolyn Murray


trying to enter info for Hold Mail site - won't let me enter dates?


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