Natural Calendula Soap Recipe for Healthy Looking Skin After 40 (2024)

This natural calendula soap recipe is handcrafted with skin nourishing ingredients that promote skin health. Calendula hydrosol, calendula powder and chia seed oil are key ingredients for healthy looking skin. Natural shredded loofah is also included for its gentle exfoliation that leads to brighter, smoother skin.

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I had the unfortunate realization today, while reading an article on another blog, that I am a mid-lifer. I mean, mid-lifers are my parents right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. My parents, who are in fact baby boomers, are well into retirement. Which I guess means I am old awesome.

I remember being in high school thinking that my parents were terribly old. That middle age was something you shrunk away from rather than revered. And I had this insane misguided notion that I would die by 28, tragically perhaps, like a rockstar stolen from life in her prime. And I would never. Ever. Grow old.

These days I’m thrilled that I’ve made it to 42. And that all my body parts appear to still be intact. However, my body and mind are having quite the disagreement over how old I REALLY am. And if you’re over 40, then you know exactly what I mean.

While I’m still put together physically speaking, mechanically not everything is running quite as smoothly as it once did. And of course nothing looks quite the same either. My skin especially requires constant upkeep that wasn’t required during my youth.

Not only is my skin drier throughout the year (not just in the winter,) but there are of course those devilish fine lines, wrinkles and the occasional age spots. And skin tags. Maybe. (I exfoliate those suckers off with a hefty dose of scrubs and Retinol.)

So in addition to moisturizing my skin on a regular basis, I also use a low cleansing homemade soap. So instead of stripped my skin like commercial bar soap, it nourishes and replenishes it instead. But being a soapmaker, I hate to use the same soap over and over again. So I mix it up with new recipes one after another. (I’m convinced each bar is somehow in silent competition with the other while I sleep. However I love something unique about each one. They are my children after all.)

My natural calendula soap is the latest to be added to this series of soap recipes. Formulated to be both low cleansing and gentle, my natural calendula soap recipe also has high skin conditioning properties so it’s perfect for maturing and/or dry skin. (Now my only problem is to remember where I left it. And how the heck did my car keys end up in the refrigerator?!)

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Skin Care Benefits of Calendula Soap

Calendula, also known as pot marigold, is a popular herb that grows annually throughout most of the world. It is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as its antimicrobial and antiviral effects which help to promote healing.

When used in skin care applications, calendula can not only soothes sore, inflamed and itchy skin, but it also speeds healing time for minor wounds. Additionally, calendula infused oil works wonders for dry, chapped skin.

Not only does it moisture and soothe dry skin, but it’s also helpful when used on many problematic skin conditions such aseczema,psoriasisand dermatitis. (You can learn more about calendula here.)

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Natural Calendula Soap Recipe

© Rebecca D. Dillon


4 oz. refined coconut oil (25%)
6.4 oz. pomace olive oil (40%)
2.4 oz. safflower oil (15%)
1.6 oz. shea nut oil (10%)
1.6 oz. chia seed oil (10%)

4.8 fl. oz. calendula hydrosol
2.2 oz.lye/sodium hydroxide

2 Tablespoons calendula flower powder
2 Tablespoons shredded loofah
.5 oz. essential oil (or 1 oz. fragrance oil)

How to Make Calendula Soap

Before you begin, you’ll need to make sure you take all necessary safety precautions when working with lye. This includes wearing eye protection and gloves as well as ensuring none of your containers or utensils are made from aluminum.

You will follow my cold process soapmaking tutorial in order to make this soap. (If you’ve never made homemade soap, I recommend starting with a beginner’s soap recipe which you can find here.)

My natural calendula soap recipe has a 30.5% water discount and 6% superfat. It will yield six homemade soap bars when usingthis rectangle silicone mold.

Begin my measuring out the calendula hydrosol in fluid ounces into a heat safe container. Then using a digital scale (I recommend thisBakers Math Scale) weigh out the lye. Slowly pour the lye into the hydrosol and stir until it has completely dissolved. Set aside to cool.

Next, weigh out the soapmaking oils and combine in a stainless steel pot or heat safe container. Heat on the stove top or at reduced power in a microwave orcrock potuntil melted. Remove from heat, then set aside to cool.

Once the lye-hydrosol and soapmaking oils reach about 90°-95°F, you’re ready to make soap!

Measure out the calendula flower powder and shredded loofah,then mix them into the soapmaking oils using animmersion or stick blender.

Then slowly pour the lye-hydrosol into the soapmaking oils and mix with your stick blender until you reach a light trace.

Weigh out the essential oil (or fragrance oil) of your choice and add to the soap batter. Then continue mixing to fully incorporate the scent. Once you reach a medium trace, pour the soap batter into yoursoap mold.

Cover the mold with plastic cling wrap if desired, then set aside in a safe location where it won’t be disturbed.

Your natural calendula soaps should be ready to unmold 24-48 hours later.

Once you’ve unmolded your homemade soaps, set them aside in a cool location for a minimum of four weeks to cure. Then wrap and label as desired for personal use of gifting.

More Natural Skin Care Recipes

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Did you enjoy my natural calendula soap recipe? Then you’ll also love my natural calendula herbal balm recipe. This natural skin care recipe promotes healing with the power of calendula when used on minor cuts, bruises & insect stings. Find the recipe here.

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Like my natural calendula soap recipe, my soothing moisture whip recipe is another great skin care product for nourishing and moisturizing dry or mature skin.

Crafted using natural ingredients, this ultra luxe moisturizer has a fluffy, cloud like texture that melts instantly into skin when applied. Skin soothing butters, aloe vera and witch hazel extract offer rich moisture that promotes skin health while a calming essential oil blend lends its aromatherapeutic properties. Get the recipe here.

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Natural Calendula Soap Recipe for Healthy Looking Skin After 40 (2024)
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